Kirkstall Craft

After years of living and working in London I was intrigued to find out that I had been offered a job up in Leeds. Now, as many of you can imagine moving cities is a major job from a cost point of you but also from learning your way around a new city and of course, having to make new friends in the a new town. All of this presents a serious challenge but after a few months of deliberations I decided to go for it.

Up until today, I am loving it. The city is clean and tidy, has everything you need and I have even noticed the people around here are really friendly. It is a big contrast to London. Also, work is around 10 mins from home – if you remove a 2 hour commute you are adding a big positive to your quality of life. ┬áProperty is cheaper which also helps. Overall, I am really happy with my decision.

Ok, enough about all the personal stuff, you are probably wondering where the beer comes into this story. Although I haven’t made any big effort to join up with a club or anything I did read up on a small craft brewery in Kirkstall and after a quick visit I was most impressed. The beers, although a little more expensive, were tasty and full of life. If you are every in the area then I highly recommend it.

This was supposed to be a small update so you know where I am and why this site has been so quiet of late – hopefully I will find a group of crafters and get brewing again soon, until then…….