Welcome to my personal website, please take some time to look around. My name is Jamie and I live in the South of England. I am quite an active girl as I love sports, photography,fitness and believe or not – craft beer. I have always had a taste for fine and unique beers which eventually led to building a new hobby of brewing my own blends. It sounds pretty simple, just like baking a cake in the kitchen, but I assure you there is a lot that can make or break your batch if you lose concentration for even a minute.

As home brewing has grown in popularity across the UK and more and more people get involved it has become a community of fun characters and competition as you would find with any other hobby. I often spend my weekends at craft exhibitions or fairs either showing my creations or sample those from others. To give you an idea, if you are new or slightly interested, you can check out the video below this post which gives a really nice overview into the rise of home brewing.

The only downside to this particular hobby is the chance of weight gain tasting all those delicious blends which is why the other half of my outside of work life is focused on outdoor activities such as mountain biking and golf. I do get into the gym once a week and if I am really persuaded I might just go for a run (weather dependent of course!).

Golf is my mental activity as I have always believed it is more important to spend time on swing practice (more than even playing to be honest) if you want any hope of improvement or maintain a healthy game. I bought myself a nice golf simulator which allows me to mess about at home and also to keep my swing in the green over winter – if you know anything about the UK then you will know that the weather is a golfers biggest enemy! Sometimes winter can last close to 8 months out of the 12 making it super hard to play any golf. Having a simulator at home is a really nice feature as it gives the opportunity for practice and some quiet time to relax and unwind.

The aim of this blog is to chart my exploits as I talk about my brewing, the places I go and new and interesting ideas that come to me from time to time. I hope you will come back or for more information you can visit our Facebook page once it is up and running.

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