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A Slight Accident!

One of the side effects of consuming too much craft beer is the chance of having an accident! In this particular instance I can safely say that I was nowhere even close to a beer when I happened to break my ankle. As I think I mentioned in my opening post, I do enjoy playing a bit of golf, and I do try and work hard to improve my game. With a few different hobbies and a full time job is does become fairly difficult to keep up the standards and practice but with modern tech I can do that at home these days.

So, last weekend I am playing at Royal Birkdale and I hit my driver slightly left on the 14th hole and it ran down a small bank, from the tee I could not see a thing. I walk up to the area and as I start to peer down the bank I step in a small indent and lose my balance, resulting in rolling down the bank and a broken ankle. If I ignored the pain I think I was more angry for being stupid, as well as realizing I would be out of golfing action for quite some time. I think the must have a rule about breaking your ankle during a round!! I couldn’t find one though 🙂 Here is a video I found on youtube showing off a little bit of the golf course.

As I think I am going to need at least a few weeks I will sit at my desk and play some computer games to pass the time. I can’t really walk, drive or do anything so you can imagine the frustration! Thank goodness for modern PC gaming cards and internet access – without those I think I might just go completely mad! For now, I have been playing some Tiger Woods golf which I hope might keep my golfing brain slightly active if at all possible!

I will post some pics in my next update, I should have the scans and x-rays back so that will probably be something interesting to post and look at. If you have any shared experiences with a broken ankle then please let me know!